Tradition of workshop "Dimitrijevic" reaches deep into the previous century and proudly continues making masterpieces of Ĺ umadia's carver.

During all these years we were making effort  to create high quality wooden objects. Due to continuous work and constant observing of the market we have become unique and recognizable, both in the style and quality of the extraordinary wood carving. 

Our carved wooden canteens, icons, iconostasis, thrones, lectern, tabernacles, furniture, and all items that a customer asks for is made out of steamed walnut. It is protected against the wood worm. It is lacquered in two layers- base paint and the final layer of varnish. The final nail in the polyurethane is of high quality, it may be shiny, and semi-matted. From our personal experience, we recommend a semi-matted. In our workshop carving is done exclusively by hand and as such represents unique copy.

Workshop for carving "Dimitrijevic" has many recommendations and praise by many priests, architects and other customers. 

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