Wood carving manufacturer "Dimitrijević" takes special care when selecting and preparing wood, which is the main prerequisite for high quality products.

Selecting the proper type of wood is the first step in creating our products. For this purpose we use first-class materials such as walnut, beech, oak, wild cherry lime. Preparation of wood for further manufacturing flow requires high technology wood processing according to the prescribed parameters and suitable moisture content as well as the protection from insects. 

In obtaining the best quality in the technological part of the process, we are grateful to the frequency control technologist of the Forest Research Institute. For the carpenter's part of the job we cooperate with the renowned workshop "Jankovic" with a long tradition of work in this area that guarantees the quality of the product and in all its aspect.

Paints, and varnishes, as well as the method of drying objects are a special concern for workers, since they have to finish their work in wood and give it a soul and enrich them when they come out of our hands and come into your homes.

Choice of wood, its technological preparation, choosing the right  workshop and our immense love for carving are the receipt for our manufacture which can offer and guarantee great quality products.

Sincerely yours,

Wood carving manufacturer "Dimitrijević"

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